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" It is my hope that, as you read this book, you are inspired, and given hope. We are all just a few strokes of bad luck,, or good luck, from being in the same position my family was placed in.  "It won't happen to us" is so very untrue. It did happen to us, and we were once like everyone else: a nice apartment, good car, good jobs, saving to buy a home.  In the blink of an eye, it was gone.  That is when we really learned what is truly important: Faith, Friends, Family.   May you and yours be as blessed." - Jacquelyn Dienst

"Christ For Carnies by Jacquelyn Dienst is an exceptional book based on real life experiences.  Her compelling words grab you and bring you into the moment she has written about, giving the true feelings of both herself and the others around her.  Crist For Carnies is about hope, love and putting your faith in God and always believing that there is better in the world and that you yourself can bring that belief into reality."-
Amber Ucci, CLC, Mother of Autumn.